Mastering Personal Virtual Machines in Linux: The Ultimate Guide with virt-manager

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Mastering Personal Virtual Machines in Linux: The Ultimate Guide with virt-manager

Discover the benefits of using native technologies like KVM, libvirt, and virt-manager for creating virtual machines in Linux. Boost performance, achieve seamless integration, enhance security, and enjoy a user-friendly experience. Explore the advantages of these tools in our comprehensive guide.


You need to install these software on your Linux machine to run VMs.

  • kvm

  • libvirt

  • qemu

  • virt-manager

  • iptables/ebtables


  • Debian/Ubuntu

      sudo apt-get install virt-manager qemu-system libvirt-daemon-system dnsmasq iptables
  • Fedora/RHEL

      sudo dnf install virt-manager qemu-system-x86 libvirt-daemon dnsmasq iptables
  • Arch Linux

      sudo pacman -S virt-manager qemu-base dnsmasq iptables-nft

Start/Enable libvirt service

sudo systemctl enable libvirtd # Enables the libvirt service
sudo systemctl start libvirtd # Start the libvirt service
sudo systemctl status libvirtd # Check the status of the service

Add Your User to the libvirt Group

To seamlessly control libvirt services without relying on 'sudo' every time, simply add your user to the 'libvirt' group. Execute the following command to grant the necessary permissions

sudo usermod -aG libvirt <your_username>

NOTE: Replace `<your_username>` with your actual username. After running the command, log out and log back in to activate the changes.


Congratulations on mastering virt-manager! With this powerful tool, you now have the freedom to create, customize, and control virtual machines effortlessly.

Say goodbye to complex setups and technical obstacles. virt-manager empowers you to take full control of your virtualization experience with its user-friendly interface and robust features.

Unleash the potential of virtual machines and dive into a world of seamless creation and management. Enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and endless possibilities that virt-manager brings to your virtualization journey. Happy virtualizing!

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